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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need any dance experience?

    No! Our classes start at absolute beginners. Even if you think you have two left feet we break everything down to the very core so you can learn at your own pace. We have classes at all levels – beginners,improvers, intermediates and advanced. You choose which level you want to be part of and move up at your pace when you are ready.


  2. Do I need a partner?

    No and believe it or not lots of people come along on their own. We also operate on a rotating system so you will get an opportunity to dance with different partners all the time. This helps you significantly as you get used to different styles of dancers and boosts your confidence.


  3. Do I need any specific clothes or shoes?

    No. Most importantly wear clothes you are comfortable in. Just keep in mind that you will be moving your feet and legs around a lot and your arms will be raised. For ladies particularly long skirts can get caught in your shoes and large sleeves can cause a hindrance to the gentlemen. Footwear should be comfortable shoes that wont slip off and large heavy boots can be cumbersome.


  4. How much is it?

    The cost of one lesson is £5 and this also entitles you to stay and freestyle dance until the close of the evening which is usually midnight. If you come along to an evening where there are several classes and you wish to stay for two classes (eg Beginners followed by Improvers immediately after) then the cost would be £7.


  5. Can I get private lessons?

    Private sessions are available for more information you should contact Om on 07710 123132.


  6. I have more questions...

    Why not contact Om on 07710 123132 or Lisa 0783 7723307

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